Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos April 23rd - 29th

What started as a week of beautiful weather has turned back into chilly weather. From shorts one day to coats the next. Michigan needs to make up its mind! Our seedlings are growing and the weather needs to figure it out because I need to get our garden going!

The oldest country kid went to 5th grade camp this week. It was very quiet around here! LOL To bad I didn't get to enjoy the time as much as I wanted. I had "emergencies" popping up left and right. The worst issue I faced this week was a freezer that got unplugged somehow. Uggg, not only did we loose a lot of meat, but the smell was horrific!

I also received a copy of a magazine this week that I had written an article for. I was blown away when I saw it! I guess I am officially an author now! So weird to say that!

So what made me smile this week?

The littlest country kid's pumpkin seeds are going like gangbusters! Now to find the perfect spot to transplant them to. Picking the perfect pumpkin patch location is paramount when you're 5. Like we are talking laps around the yard scouting locations like a director on a high budget Hollywood film!

We had a little game of ball break out in the backyard. Fifi is covering third base and Wanda took the outfield.
Yes, we have talented hens.

The oldest country kid and his best buddy went to 5th grade camp. He was trying to be all "mom leave me alone, you're gonna embarrass me" so I am thankful his friend was like "come on let your mom take a picture of us." Lord help the high school students that volunteered as counselors to watch after these numb nuts for the week. I told them I would buy them a pizza if they make sure he doesn't get expelled from school while at camp.

Of course on my way back from putting the critters to bed for the night, I had to stop and say good night to the “attack” robin who was snug as a bug in her nest for the night. I had a little talk about personal space with her, so here is hoping nobody, other than the poor squirrel she nailed the other day, feels her wrath. I told her if she is nice, I might even share some of the chicken’s grubs with her, but don't tell the chickens! Shhhhhh I can’t wait till the babies hatch!

14 years ago I planted this tiny stick of a lilac with dreams of the future, that one day it would grow big and bloom. It was just over 2 inches tall when I planted it and now it is 6 feet! And it is blooming!!!!! It may have taken over a decade but my dream has come true. Always plan and dream because with time comes beautiful things......

Since the house reeks of decomposed, rotten pork due to the freezer being unplugged mysteriously, god knows when (yes I cleaned it out and am still gagging), I had to resort to spending my time outside today. Good thing it wasn't raining! The breeze was beautiful and I bribed Wanda to hang out. 

Every day can be Easter when you homestead! The littlest country kid cam running into the house for his Easter basket because he found a nest in the raspberry bushes. That is one determined and brave country kid because those raspberry prickers are no joke!

Gardening with chickens..... You don't have to ask them to turn the compost pile over for you, they just do.
How considerate is that? Now if they just wouldn't spread it out all over the place!

Wow, that is a first.... a fortune cookie that knows what it's talking about!

Did you know the inside of a tulip is just as pretty, if not more so, then the outside? I love nature!

Joy!!!! My strawberry plants have returned! All hail the mighty little strawberry, the bringer of yummy goodness! 

Impatient little buggers! Can I just finish scrubbing and rinsing it?!?!?
I know you want it filled, but its gotta be clean first…… Pushy ducks....

So what do ducks do when you give them a nice full clean pool?
Well mine loose their minds and splash all the water back out! Pool party!!!!!

Why do I do what I do? This whole blogging thing.... For moments just like this! I got a message from a follower in distress. Sometimes you don't know what to do, but I am here for you! I called her and walked her through how to get a stuck duckling out of its egg. While it sounds simple, it is a nerve racking experience for someone who has never done it. Go to fast and you could cause the duckling to bleed out, go to slow and it could expire from exhaustion. I had never midwifed a duckling over the phone despite having done it myself a few times, and she had never birthed a duck, but 40 minutes later, we had a live baby in her hand!!! This folks, is why I put myself out there. I got the chance to be there for someone. I got to share my knowledge and experience to help someone. I am so happy this little one survived (the only one from the nest) and fingers crossed he/she grows big and strong. Though I told her, if it is a boy, she is NOT to name it after me

The oldest country kid is home from his week at 5th grade camp!!!
He not only survived, but had a great time. He hasn't stopped talking since I picked him up.

There goes Cinder, drinking out of the tree root knot again! What is up with her!?!?!? I'm going to have to make sure when I am spraying the hose to NOT get any in there. Of course it is probably cleaner then some of the other puddles I've seen her dip her beak in!

I am a published international author! Check out the article!. 

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Congratulations on your authorship! the fluffy butts!

  2. I always love visiting your blog! You have great pictures and captions. Congratulations on being a magazine star!

    1. I don't know about star! But it was delightful to see :)

  3. Wow, what a week! So cool to be able to help a follower save her duckling!!

    1. It was fun to know I could help. It's why I do what I do.

  4. That is so lovely how you helped the reader and her duckling, Mindie! Isn't the blogging community wonderful? Congratulations on your article, that is fantastic! Hope your weekend is wonderful. Thank you for being a part of Hearth and Soul.

    1. It was so nice to be able to be there for someone in need :)

  5. Congrats on getting published! Love the picture of the chickens playing baseball. My son got a kick out of it!

    1. LOL We let our girls join in all the family activities :)

  6. Congrats on being published. Love the pictures.

  7. Looks like you had a great week! Congratulations on the article and it's no surprise your son had fun at camp. Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop!

    1. Thank you, I had fun writting the article :) And I am delighted my son made it through camp with mostly a smile.