Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Week of Homestead Photos May 7th - 13th

If you follow along regularly, Cinder decided she did NOT want to be broody after all. *smack forehead* Indecisive hens. *sigh* The ducks however are still trying to stock pile eggs. No go, guys. This girl is watching your ever move. There will be no ducklings this year!

It's been an emotional roller coaster of a week with great weather allowing me joy in the garden. The oldest country kid celebrated another birthday. The ducks are loving their pool. And we got a new critter, though he creeps me out. Sadly my kitty girl was diagnosed with cancer and has about a week to live. I will make her comfortable till the end and cling to the happy memories we shared.

Saturday I was stricken by a stomach bug. It hurt so bad, I wished I would have passed out from the pain, but no such luck. I haven't been this ill in a long time. It is always an interesting dance when nature decides your going to expel from both ends. Luckily it seems to have only lasted 12 or so hours and other then some sore ribs, I think I am on the mend.

So what made me smile this week?

Baby Girl.... To know her is to love her. To watch her splash in the pool is to get wet. LOL
This girl takes pool time VERY seriously!

Oh my, I think the aliens got to Nate. Those green glowing eyes!! Not to mention he woke me with this very odd meowing sound. Not really a meow, not really a yowel.... And then to wake up to this face stairing at ya. I am so keeping my eye on him....... Weirdo cat.

I think Cinder is over the whole "I wanna be a mom" thing. I went out to check on her and while the eggs were still slightly warm, I found her fluffy butt out having a spa day with a little dust bath. *sigh* I know a girl has needs, but she needs to commit or stop toying with me over this broodiness. What is it they say…. Shit or get off the pot. So Cinder, sit or get off the pot!

Someone got a little additude when I declared it was time to hit the roosts. Buffy, my dear, while you may be the alpha hen of the coop, I am the queen of my domain. If I say it is bed time, it is bed time! Up ya go!

Naughty, naughty little ducks.... I found your nest! Okay I have no idea why there is a chicken egg in there! LOL Sorry ladies, but NO ducklings this year. Stop trying to get one over on me. I am pretty hard to fool. Let it go. Take a year off. Just relax. *sigh* Naughty ducks.

Is it weird I get so excited every spring when my fern comes up? LOL I can't help it, it just so stinking cute. Okay, yes, I know it is a plant, but I still say it is adorable. It's like a long lost friend coming home again.

Sorry the photo is dark but... I am learning how to read a pattern!!! I have started making a chicken. Of course I couldn't use their suggested colors cause I always have to be different, but I am so excited to see how it turns out in the end.

Who is dirty? This girl!!! FInally got to get the garden going. And it is about time because my pea plants are big enough to start growing up on things! I will say this about gardening with chickens.... Watch your plants! Fifi took a bite off of one of my pea plants. Grrrr And always watch where you kneel. I may or may not be rocking chicken poo on my pants. 

And here is the birthday boy, all 11 years of him. He tried to tell me how he is all grown up now.... Um, dude, you have whipped cream on your nose, try telling me that when you don't have something white and fluffy on your nose! LOL Of course the staff put it on your nose, but you let them. Just saying..... So not as grown as he thinks he is.

Mr Bill wants to remind you that proper stretching is very important to starting your day off right.
So crawl out of bed, stretch, and go eat bugs, ummm, I mean kick butt!

They are everywhere. This is Michigan, not Canada. You should have kept flying north, guys! Little goose families all over the place..... Note to locals: Slow down over by the nature area by the burger stand. These guys aren't the brightest and unlike the chicken who crossed the road, the geese out that way are standing IN the road. Guess the warm pavement feels good on the webbed piggy toes in the morning.

"It's too early. Close the shed door and come back in an hour." Sorry Wanda, time to rise and shine!

Unlike Cinder, who has decided NOT to be broody now, Mrs. Robin is still at it full force. She gave the oldest country kid what for and I just saw her go after a big ol woodpecker! Is it weird I always say good morning and good night to her? I just feel if I walk past her I should acknowledge her for crying out loud.

When I picked up the oldest country kid from school on Friday, he brought home a friend. This is what happens when the science teacher is done with a science lesson and says "anyone wanna take one home?" Not sure I like this guy. He is a creepy looking little thing. Those eye stalks...... Oh well, I guess we should welcome Hermy to the family.
Creep little dude......

Remember to take time out of your busy day to find your own things to make you smile!


  1. Great pics! So sorry about the Kitty Girl. Love the oldest's birthday pic! What does the rest of his shirt say?????? Dona

    1. I'm not arguing, I'm just explain why I'm right LOL

  2. ha ha I always thought hermit crabs were cool. I used to have some when I was a kid! Maybe he'll grow on you?

  3. love watching hermit crabs in their own world. Have a son that is afraid of them
    com see us at

    1. I am not afraid of it, just find it creepy looking LOL

  4. Are you still "farming" on a 1/4 acre? I have the "lucky 13" gang of girl chicks, no boys allowed and looking to buy a house, most likely 1/4 or less acres. Did you have problems with neighbors and the chickens? Do yours roam free outside your space?
    Also..just wanted to say, when 1 of my hens got broody, I bought her a baby from TSC and with 2 days of my watchful eye and a little training, she turned out to be a great mom. Baby Gidget is doing well and smarter than all the others.

    1. We do! I am getting our garden in as we speak. We had an okay sugaring season this year. Enough syrup till get us to next year. As for neighbors, when we first got chickens they were illegal. LOL Our neighbors were totally cool. Now that it is legal to have chickens, a few of my neighbors have gotten their own flocks! Our property is fenced and our flok stays where they belong.

  5. So sorry about your kitty. My 17 yr old cat has congestive heart failure, and my hubby's cat has Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia and her brother has FIV, of which there is no cure. It is heartbreaking to see them get so frail. But, I thank God he gave them to me to take care of. Whatever your birthday boy is having looks delicious.

    1. It was hard to say goodbye. She slept with me every night :(